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Opening statement

As in any form of competition there must be rules. Rules are useless unless they are enforced. These rules are not meant to intended to intimidate or offend anyone. Only under very unusual circumstances do we need to refer to these rules for anyone. These rules are used to keep our Hobby fun, fair and family oriented. Thank you for being a part of Race Em R/C.

Code of Conduct

All visitors and members to Race Em R/C / Z&M Hobbies will be held accountable for their actions, Foul language, Inappropriate attire ( offensive Racial, Religious, political  and Sexually oriented), Stealing, Physical threats or use of Drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated. Any person found to violate the code of conduct will be asked to leave immediately and have their membership status dropped down to level 1.  Any persons physically threatening another racer, Stealing or under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the property will be asked to leave immediately and will be suspended from all racing activities for 30 days and forfeit all points accumulated and membership status will be placed in a probationary status for the remainder of the membership year.

  Racing Classes

-Indoor Off-Road 
-Outdoor Off-Road


Electric RC Crawler. 


Race Em R/C will use ROAR Rules as a guideline for consistency, exceptions to ROAR rules will be announced prior to enforcement.

Race ‘EM RC only require 4 vehicles to make a class. If you do not see a class listed above that you would like to race, do not get discouraged. Although Race Em decided to not run Nitro indoor, we will still run 1/8th scale Electric Buggy and Truggy if enough show up to make the class. We try our hardest at Race Em to not turn away anyone who wishes to race.


Vehicle Specs

All vehicle specs are as per R.O.A.R. current rules. Race Em R/C Club reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules for the betterment of competition.

1/10th Scale Buggy (ROAR Rule book page 49)

Item Limit Specification
Length Maximum 457.2mm
Width Maximum 250mm
Height Maximum 203.2mm
Wheelbase Maximum 292mm
Minimum 229mm
Weight Minimum 2WD 1499gr
Minimum 4WD 1613gr

1/10th Scale Stadium 2WD (ROAR Rule book page 50)

Item Limit Specification
Length Minimum 387mm
Maximum 457mm
Width Maximum 330mm
Wheelbase Minimum 229mm
Maximum 292mm
Weight Minimum 1701gr

1/10th Scale Short Course Truck 2WD (SCT) (ROAR Rule book page 68)

Item Limit Specification
Length Minimum 540mm
Maximum 568mm
Width Minimum 290mm
Maximum 296mm
Height Minimum 199mm
Weight Minimum 2098gr

1/10th Scale Short Course Truck 4WD (SCT) (ROAR Rule book page 69)

Item Limit Specification
Length Minimum 511mm
Maximum 568mm
Width Minimum 273mm
Maximum 296mm
Height Minimum 199mm
Weight Minimum 2505gr



The membership fee of $75 allows you, your spouse and children (under 18) living at home while enrolled in school discounts on racing and practice. 
Benefits include: Free Members only race days, Friday Race Fee $10/$5. Sunday Race Fee $18/$7. The ability to earn “Race Em Bucks”* in exchange for assisting in track maintenance and/or track rebuilds.   (Click Here for Membership Info)

*Some restrictions do apply


   Racing Fee

Prices for events are given listed on the schedule.

General Club Rules

1. These rules will govern all events.

2. Race Em R/C members, participants, manufacturers and race promoters agree to comply with these rules and regulations.

3. Race Em R/C Club may act at any time before, during or after the event to change anything that Race Em R/C officers believe to be in the best interest of the sport.

4. No implied or expressed warranty or safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as guidelines for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury of any sort to participants, spectators or others.

5. Race Em R/C, its officers, directors or staff assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise for the failure or malfunction of any product or equipment used at any Race Em R/C event. A copy of the rules and regulation are available upon request to anyone who would like a copy since all participants need to know and obey these rules and regulations.

6. All vehicles must cross the finish line under their own power. 

7. Only 1 registered driver per car can compete. Allowing someone else to qualify or run the main for you is unfair to other racers and is not legal.



Sportsman Changes

1)     No more points for series races.

a)     Sportsman will get ribbons for each race. No season trophies, No season points.

b)     This will allow them to ‘celebrate’ a single good day and not a combined months of racing.

c)     Helps them focus on the now.

2)     Limit the amount of drivers per race

a)     We should have no more than 5 sportsman racers in a single race.

b)    This will allow them to spread out and ‘learn the track’ instead of ‘learn to crash’

3)     Each sportsman should have a mentor for that day

a)     When a sportsman goes on the stand he/she should be accompanied by a club member, board or knowledgeable racer. (Avoid parent if possible)

b)     This person will stand beside and help the sportsman race. They will explain how to take a corner, how to pass and most importantly race etiquette. Marshalling

c)     Sportsman drivers will not marshal center track. They will only marshal next to the wall and must be accompanied by an adults (if under 16).

4)     Moving out of Sportsman

a)     A driver should be moved out of Sportsman when they run a consistent lap time (3 consecutive race days) of middle of pack for class they would move into. HOWEVER overall racing skills will be required to move. i.e. clean passing, racing lines, etc..

b)     When they move out of Sportsman an experienced racer will monitor their move and offer advice as needed.

c)     Upon moving out of sportsman Race EM RC will give them 1 free practice pass.


Points Races

We will be racing 2 or 3 five minute qualifiers, and 5 minute Mains. If you are a Top Qualifier in any class a bonus of 1 pt will be awarded. The following is the points system:


Chart in




1st Place


11th Place


2nd Place


12th Place


3rd Place


13th Place


4th Place


14th Place


5th Place


15th Place


6th Place


16th Place


7th Place


17th Place


8th Place


18th Place


9th Place


19th Place


10th Place


20th Place

                                    Over 20 (if necessary) all racers positions will decrease by 1 pt.

Points are kept on the driver in each class not the vehicle. This allows you to have a backup in case of breaks you can run another car in the same class, as long as the car meets all the rules for that class.  The points earned in a class stay in that class for instance: Your racing a stock Revo, sell it and buy a Truggy. The next time you race you will be in the truggy class starting with zero points; your old points will remain in the Monster Truck class.


Racing Rules

Race Em R/C will be racing on a points system that accumulates throughout the season. There will be an assigned number of races throughout the season.

1. Registration times will be posted on our website before the day of race.

2. Racing will begin promptly at posted times. If you are not ready, you will miss that round.

3. In the event of inclement weather, unusable track conditions or both, race entry fees will be kept and a rain check will be given for the next race.

4. Never drive your car in the parking/pit area during race day. If you want to tune your car or practice, do it on the track.

5. When doing any repairs on any vehicle it MUST be done in the pit area not in the pit lane.

6. The RC scoring Pro computer program that we use, only accepts your best score out of all qualifiers to determine your starting position in the mains. If you totally miss a qualifier, it will not affect your qualifying score.

7. We will not tolerate transmitters being turned on to soon before the cars from the previous race have exited the track. Please think of others before you turn on your radio.

8. All vehicles must have a body when driving on the track during racing and practice.

9. Using multiple cars in a given race day is legal and acceptable. The car that was used to start a qualifier or main, is the car that must be used for that entire race, or heat switching to another car because you broke is not legal. You do have the option of repairing your car or borrowing one for the next race, or heat. You cannot use more than one car in a race!

10. Typically we run at least two qualifiers and then the mains (time and weather permitting)

11. All electric qualifiers will be 5 minutes.

12. All electric mains will be 6 minutes.

13. If you don’t make it to the track on time for your qualifier don’t sweat it, that’s why we run multiple qualifiers. We shouldn’t wait for one driver because he/she is not ready on time; it’s just not fair to the other drivers who are.

14. You must run in at least 1 heat to be eligible to run in the mains and you must run 1 lap in the mains in order to qualify for points. If you cannot run in the mains, you will be awarded 5pts for participation for the day.



Every member is expected to marshal after their race (for example, if you race in the first race, then you marshal the second and so on). After your race, you are to shut off your vehicle and radio and place your vehicle in impound so you can get to your designated area for marshalling, for those that are warming up for the next race. If you are running in 2 consecutive races then you must find someone to cover for you, and tell the Race Director who is covering for you. There will be no marshalling from a chair (Physical Disabilities are EXEMPT from this rule). All marshals must be standing and have both hands free to marshal cars. If you do not marshal or find a replacement, we will docking laps off your race. If this happens twice in an event you will forfeit your qualifying position and start at the back of the pack.

Race Intervals: There will be approximately 1 minute between all races; This time will be announced usually every 30 seconds. This time is not flexible and we will not wait for you to get your car started, it is not fair to the other racers. If you miss the starting horn, still get your vehicle on the track and running so you can qualify for the mains. There will be a minimum of 3 minute intervals between heat 1 and heat 2, and a minimum of 10 minutes between the last heat and the start of the mains.

Bump Ups: If you are the top finisher in a B or lower main, you can bump to the next higher main. By doing this you forfeit the last mains points and earn whatever you earn in the bump up. If there is a frequency issue the Bump up driver must adjust.

Track Maintenance: We will be doing a rotation of members to help with track maintenance. Track maintenance will include watering, racking, and filling any holes in the surface.

Non Members racing: We encourage nonmembers to come out and enjoy the Hobby as much as we do.  If you are a nonmember, on the 3rd time we encourage you to become a Club member.  


Stop and Go’s

If a driver or pit person has done something illegal, the Race Director will instruct the driver to stop his/her vehicle and wait. You must stop your vehicle in a safe manner on the track.  The driver may continue in the race when the race director grants permission. This is a Stop & Go

Grounds for Stop and Go’s

1.     Unsportsmanlike driving

2.     Intentional car bumping

3.     Jump starting in the mains

4.     Short cutting (this includes Pipe jumping at the corners)

5.     Driving against traffic

6.     Applying the throttle while car is being marshaled

7.     Servicing and/or refueling vehicle during a stop and go

8.     Careless speeding or driving in pit lane

9.     Causing an accident while exiting pit lane

10.   Pit person is standing, walking or running in the pit lane or on any part of the racing surface

11.   Obstruction of pit lane by your vehicle and or pit person’s

12.   Pitman crossing the track after cars have been called to starting line for main event

13.   Any other action the director deems is necessary.

Corner Marshaling /Pitting

1.     Racers are required to corner marshal after every race they are scheduled to be in. there will be orange cones on the track, you will marshal at one of the cones and only one person per cone and no place else. If you fail to marshal on time we will remove one lap from your best qualifying time just before setting up the mains.

2.     If for some reason you are unable to marshal when it is your turn, it will be your responsibility to get a replacement. If you are registered in two or more classes and are back to back, don’t complain and expect the Race Director to change the order of the races. The simple fix is to get someone to marshal for you.

3.     Only another Member or Registered Racer may substitute, and you will be responsible for their actions. If you use a substitute, make those arrangements before racing begins. When your race is over, turn off your equipment, return your transponder, place your equipment in impound and make sure your substitute is in position.

4.     When marshaling a car that has gone off the track or has flipped, PLACE IT on the track where it left the racing surface, pointing in the correct direction. While marshaling turning a car over takes precedence over any vehicle repair on the track.

5.     A corner marshal is not required to assist a car until the power to the drive wheels have ceased. If a drivers tries to accelerate while the car is in the air/upside down the marshal has been instructed to stop assisting.

6.     If you are a pit person, you must go around the outside of the track to get the car from the marshal. DO NOT RUN ACROSS THE TRACK. This is a major no-no

7.     Your car must complete a lap for the lap counter to count it.

Track awareness: Marshals are there to help flipped vehicles and get stalled ones off the track. There will be no starting of a stalled vehicle on the track. We understand the excitement, so you will be warned once. After that we will start docking laps off of the qualifiers. This is to help prevent injury and it is not fair to the other driver that they have to slow down and maneuver around you. Guests and children should not anywhere on the racing surface at any time, this is for their safety.


Each Racer must register for their desired classes before ANY practice and or on track activities take place. The race director will make 2 reminder announcements prior to the closing of registration. Registration will close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time at every race.  The race director will make a last call announcement 10 minutes prior to the scheduled registration cut off. Once the race director makes a “Last Call” announcement that it is your responsibility to get registered immediately. If you are not registered by cut off time you will miss the 1st round. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you register for a class and are unable to run that class for any reason Refund will be at the discretion of Z&M Hobbies. All late entries MUST provide receipt from Z&M before we will enter entry in the scoring software.


Drivers Stand

All vehicles on the track MUST be controlled from the drivers stand. Race EM RC does have a few stands for our young drivers who are not able to see over the rails while standing up straight. These stools MUST be closed and returned to the back of the drivers stand after use  No horseplay, yelling our foul language is allowed on the drivers stand.  

Pit Space

Each registered driver will be allowed a 4’ section of the table. If you and your child are both running 1 class a 4ft section should be plenty.  You must provide a pit mat and Lipo Bag at all times.  When you are done for the day please dispose of all garbage and Brush off your area with provided brush from your area.  

Pre-Race Check in

You may NOT check in until track is clear of blowers and marshals.NO DRIVING WILL BE PERMITTED WHILE BLOWERS ARE ON THE TRACK.  At the start of your race you will cross the scoring loop to ‘check-in’. After you check in you may finish that lap and you must STOP at the starting grid. Failing to stop can result in a one lap penalty or your vehicle being removed from scoring for that round.


After you cross the finish line and the race is over or your name is called (qualifier) you must continue to move to the spot on the track designated by director. While moving you MUST slow down and stay out of the race line to avoid any other vehicle still racing. Stopping at the Start/Finish line or in the racing line before full race is called will result in loss of qualifying round.

Points Review

We use computerized scoring software to manage daily points as well as Points Series points. The software was created by RC Scoring Pro and are designed to work together. With that in mind it is the racers responsibility to verify points and position after they are posted. You will have until the day before the start of the next points race to submit in writing to a board member either in-person or on our website of an issue. At the start of the next race all results are considered final and approved by all racers.


SCT- Short Course Truck

ESC- Electronic Speed Control

T-  or Turn (example 17.5t) A Turn is number of times the wire inside the motor is wrapped around the armature poles.

Blinky- This describes a ESC with no timing added. The ESC will ‘Blink’ letting you know it is blinky

ROAR- Remotely Operated Auto Racers

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Racing
Fri Jan 19 @ 4:00PM - 10:00PM

Open Practice
Sat Jan 20 @10:00AM - 03:00PM

Winter Blast Series #5
Sun Jan 21 @ 8:00AM - 03:00PM

Mon Jan 22 @12:00AM

Open Practice
Tue Jan 23 @ 4:00PM - 08:00PM

Racing Rates:

Friday is $15/$10* Sunday is $20/$10* Practice Fee is $10